We set up early in a beautiful plaza in the middle of Stockholm under grey (but dry) skies.  Amazingly enough, we were opposite the Friday’s American Bar and Grill!  The local DA chapter came out in force to assist us and Suzanne gave us an informative press briefing. Perfect timing on the training as the main newspaper in Stockholm stopped by to interview us!

Local press interviews Quaide

We were soon overwhelmed with Americans registering to vote.  The DA Stockholm team had done an amazing job getting the word out, and the folks poured in as the weather took a turn for the better and the sun came out. We had three computers working simultaneously until we had to pack up to head to our next stop!  Who knew there were so many Americans in Sweden? We even had the honor of registering several people who would be voting for the first time in their lives. Thanks to Carol Adamson and her team for organizing one of the most successful events so far!

Busy, busy, busy!

We then headed about an hour up the road to the smaller town of Västerås, where we made a shorter appearance at a local downtown festival.  Former Minnesotan Michele is working on starting a chapter there and we went to lend a hand and speak with local media.

"Any Americans in the crowd?"

We spent all evening crossing the green pastures and red barns of Sweden as we headed to Oslo.  Saddened by the fact that there was not even a sign welcoming us to Norway at the border (except for customs), we consoled ourselves with the thought that we would finally be spending two nights in a row in the same place!

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3 Responses to Day 18: Stockholm and Västerås

  1. Meredith Wheeler says:

    Great job, DA Sweden!! Roll on, roll on, the bus tour….

  2. Will B says:

    Sounds like a great event — and it looks like good weather!

  3. Klas josefsson says:

    Will you be stopping in Gothenburg?